Hospital staff are better prepared


STAFF at Milton Keynes Hospital are better equipped to help patients with Parkinson’s, following a joint project to improve care.

For several months, the hospital’s Patient Experience Team has been working with key staff and Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse, Peter Smith, to see how care for these patients could be made better.

Following all this work, last Thursday (7/7), Peter, a Service Development Officer from Parkinson’s UK and a patient took to the wards, handing out resource packs to staff and explaining to staff how their efforts could make a difference.

One person in every 500 has Parkinson’s, but their condition can be overlooked when they are admitted to hospital with a different health issue.

This can be a particular problem if there are delays in the patient receiving their usual medication, which can affect the person’s ability to manage their condition. It can mean they may be suddenly unable to move, get out of bed, or walk along a corridor.

Patient Experience Manager, Julie Goodman, said: “Whilst this is a national problem, we hope the steps we are taking will significantly improve the care we provide to patients with Parkinson’s. Like all patients, people with Parkinson’s don’t want to be in hospital any longer than they need to, so by getting the care right, we can help them to go home sooner.

“This is only the beginning. As well as raising staff awareness, we’ll be putting ‘Get it On Time’ stickers being placed on patient’s medication charts, and pill timers are being made available on wards to ensure Parkinson’s patients get their medication when they need it. By working closely with Parkinson’s specialists and people with Parkinson’s, we can provide better care for patients with the condition.”