Hospital still awaits clean bill of health

Milton Keynes Hospital
Milton Keynes Hospital
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HEALTH watchdogs have expressed major concerns over cleanliness and infection control at Milton Keynes Hospital.

Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission spotted one member of staff carry out an ‘invasive procedure’ on a patient without wearing protective gloves.

They also saw another employee enter a bay without washing her hands.

The inspectors were making an unannounced visit to one ward following their report earlier this year, which also highlighted concerns about infection control.

Disappointed hospital bosses say the two latest incidents were breaches of the Trust’s own policy.

Medical director Martin Wetherill said: “Patient safety is of paramount importance. The trust has zero tolerance of staff not following infection prevention and control policies because of the potential impact on our patients.

“The hospital is already implementing an action plan to address these issues.”

Despite the setback, the CQC inspectors found the ward was clean, hygienic and was even being deep-cleaned on the day of their visit.

The feedback from patients and their families was very good, with patients saying they were happy with the care they received and the amount of dignity and respect they were given.

The inspectors have now vowed to return in the near future to make another inspection.

Milton Keynes Hospital has a low rate of infection, including for MRSA, and figures have declined year after year, say bosses.

The Trust is also in the top 20 per cent of best performing hospitals for its rates of Clostridium Difficile, or C Diff.

Staff are said to be “disappointed” at the latest bout of CQC criticism.

But Mr Weatherill said: “The hospital appreciates the CQC’s support in addressing these issues. It is important to note that no patients were harmed in any of these instances.”

He concluded: “The hospital has a high level of overall cleanliness.”