Hospital surgeon is under scrutiny

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A TOP surgeon at Milton Keynes Hospital has been suspended after concerns about the way he was doing his job, the Citizen can reveal.

Consultant Talib Al-Mishlab is now under investigation by hospital bosses and could face disciplinary action from the General Medical Council.

It is understood the suspension was prompted by serious complaints from patients, some of whom are threatening legal action.

A general surgeon specialising in laparoscipic and colorectal operations, Mr Al-Mishlab was involved in an unconnected incident seven years ago when he was accused of allowing a man to bleed to death.

An inquest at the time heard how he was called to 69-year-old patient Robert Gadd, who was suffering internal bleeding after a routine leg operation.

Mr Al-Mishlab, who also works at the private BMI Saxon Clinic, denied him urgent surgery because he did not think he would survive, the inquest heard. Hours later the patient died in agony.

Coroner Rodney Corner said: “Vital hours were lost without the expert help and guidance that was so badly needed. The only conclusion I can draw is that Mr Al-Mishlab did not realise the seriousness of the situation.”

The nature of the latest complaint against the surgeon is not known.

But, to reassure any former patients, the hospital has set up a special helpline from today (Thursday) to answer questions from the public.

A spokesman said: “We can confirm that this surgeon has been temporarily excluded by the hospital following concerns raised with us.

“The exclusion of a doctor is a temporary and precautionary measure that is undertaken to ensure that any concerns about their practice are considered.

“It is a confidential matter that does not in any way prejudge that something is wrong with the doctor’s practice. It allows us time to carry out a full and objective investigation, which we are doing.

 “The Trust would like to reassure patients that there should be no reason to be concerned if they have been treated by this doctor. “However if they would like to speak to someone about treatment received, please call our information line on 0345 602 9907, and we will endeavour to answer any questions you may have.”