How ‘net pervert Ryan Chambers groomed our girl

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THE father of one of the victims of Ryan Chambers has revealed how the Internet pervert groomed his daughter.

The dad told how his daughter, 15 at the time of the offences, had initially mentioned an 18-year-old she had been in communication with on Facebook.

“We warned her of the dangers but decided not to get involved at that stage. We didn’t want to be seen as overbearing,” he said.

However, when the girls laptop had a problem the father discovered the messages while fixing it. The family found out the girl , now 17, had met and had sex with Chambers.

He said: “We spoke to her and she admitted things had gone on. Initially we decided we would deal with the matter together and get through it as a family.

“However, we were approached by the police who told us he had been involved with girls as young as 12.

“That’s when we realised this wasn’t a one off, it turned it completely on its head.

“You go through the whole range of emotions. Shock first and then anger. then you question yourselves, did we miss anything? Should I have been more forceful? Hindsight is a wonderful thing.”

Speaking after Chambers jailed for three years and nine months, the father said he would have liked to have seen the sex offender get a longer sentence: “I’m pleased he has been sent to prison but I would have liked to have seen him get more. I guess we should be thankful.”

Describing his daughter as a strong and sensible girl who was naive to take the sudden attention she received from Chambers further, he added: “That’s what sexual predators do.

“They take an innocent girl who maybe isn’t as streetwise as others, gives them a lot of attention and this is the result.

“It has been an ordeal but now we feel we can move on. This is the last part of the process.

“I would say to any parents out there don’t feel scared to talk to your children about this, stay conscious of it and ask who they are talking to and what they’re doing on social networking sites.