How to make a splash with the MKSA...


THE New Year is when we traditionally pile on the pressure with all sorts of resolutions designed to drive us slightly insane: Dieting, quitting the fags, exercising more, learning a new craft, taking up a new hobby...

Someone reading this will have thought more than once about reaching out into art.

And so far, you’ve probably not done anything about it.

Time to adhere to the resolution and make inroads, and one of the best ways is to hook up with likeminded individuals from Milton Keynes Society of Artists.

Incredibly, it’s now more than three decades since the MKSA was founded, ‘to encourage the enjoyment of art and to support artists of all standards,’ and they must be doing something right, because in 2013 they are still making a splash, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Members meet monthly for demos, talks and various activities, and best of all, you don’t need to be like Hockney to join in!

Anyone can become a member, no matter whether you are an art ace, or a newbie novice, and proving the point the MKSA has absolute beginners and regular exhibitors in its ranks.

On Wednesday the group holds its inaugural demonstration of the year, with a visit by artist Derek Oliver – the man responsible for these terrific pictures.

Derek overcame his own obstacles to achieve his dream and put art at the fore of his life, and now shares his knowledge.

He will give a demonstration in oil painting from 7.30pm, at Westcroft Meeting Place.

So, how about it?

If you want to get smart about art, where better to start than watching a master share his craft?

You don’t need to join the MKSA to attend the event either, so you’ve nothing to lose apart from a visitor fee of a fiver, and when you see Derek at work, you’ll only see it as money well spent.

You’ll find lots more information on the website