Huge sunflower is tallest ever in Parks Trust competition

Pupils from Caroline Haslett Primary School
Pupils from Caroline Haslett Primary School

PUPILS at Caroline Haslett Primary School are celebrating after entering their record-breaking sunflower into the annual Parks Trust competition.

The huge flower measures in at a whopping 4.4 metres and is thought to be the largest ever entered. Schools around the city were given sunflower seeds and asked to grow their plants, measuring them weekly.

Education Coordinator at The Parks Trust, Nicky Saunders, said: “Caroline Haslett Primary School has had fantastic success in our competition. They were runners up last year and this year’s effort has exceeded all expectations.

“We can’t wait to see if any schools can top this giant sunflower next year.”

Tickford Park Primary was second with a 2.85 metre effort with St Monica’s Primary in third with 2.75 metres.