Hugo’s legacy helps all grieving parents in Milton Keynes

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A city hospital worker who survived losing a baby by writing her feelings in a blog has been shortlisted for a national Butterfly Award.

Brave Leigh Kendall is now helping other bereaved parents from all over the country in memory of her son Hugo, who was born three months prematurely.

The little fighter, nicknamed Hugo Boss by special care nurses, lived for 35 days.

“Hugo was an amazing little boy. I am so proud of him. He was so wanted, so loved and is so missed,” said Leigh.

She and her partner Martin conceived Hugo after two years of trying and a round of fertility treatment.

The pregnancy was normal until 24 weeks when hospital communications officer Leigh developed the life-threatening HELLP syndrome, meaning the baby has to be delivered immediately.

During the five months since Hugo’s death, Leigh has recorded her feelings in a blog at

“My posts are a candid and honest account of my grief journey. I hope by being open I can help break taboos, show people it’s ok to talk about baby loss, and the better ways to talk about it,” she said.

She has also set up a scheme called Bright in Mind and Spirit designed to improve care and information for other bereaved parents. “It’s Hugo’s legacy. Helping others in his name helped me by thinking his life was not in vain,” she said.

Though Leigh is full of praise for the way the NHS treated her and her son, she believes simple changes in care and information procedures could benefit bereaved parents.

She is also using both her blog and Hugo’s legacy to raise aware of HELLP, which is a highly dangerous form of pre-eclampsia.

To vote for Leigh in the Butterfly Awards log on to

The winner will be announced in October.