Hula Animal Rescue launches urgent appeal for funds

For more than four decades, Hula Animal Rescue has been a haven for animals in their time of need.

Monday, 18th September 2017, 2:37 pm
Updated Monday, 18th September 2017, 2:42 pm
Hula is used to helping others - now the centre needs our help

But the charity, whcih is based in Aspley Guise, says it needs an urgent cash injection to continue its work at the present level.

More animals than ever are being given up or dumped, and the cost of housing and feeding them is continuing to rise.
“Hula’s staff and volunteers are working tirelessly on the ground to keep the centre operating and providing care to vulnerable stray and unwanted animals, but public support is needed,” said spokesman Nicola Leach.

“We provide a vital lifeline to our community and help as many animals as possible, but our finances are very thinly stretched at present.”

She added: “It is over a year since we received our last legacy which has resulted in a current period of financial hardship. and we are urgently appealing for assistance and fiancial contributions.

“It goes without saying that we want to be here to help people and animals for many years to come, but we really need public support to be able to do so. Additional funding is crucial so we can continue to operate whilst looking at long term solutions and options,” she added.

Since opening, Hula has helped around 9000 animals.