Hundreds of kids may be homeless this Christmas

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Hundreds of children and families in the city look set to spend this Christmas living in temporary accommodation.

The latest statistics for Milton Keynes, issued by housing charity Shelter, show that 219 households were living in temporary homes, including B&Bs.

Shelter estimates 80,000 children across the country will wake up homeless on Christmas Day. And around 200 children in Milton Keynes could be living in temporary accommodation, including more than 90 in B&Bs.

The figures also show that the number of households who had been living in B&B accommodation for more than six weeks was 40.

Andrew Pakes, Labour parliamentary candidate for Milton Keynes South, said: “It is simply wrong that children will find themselves in B&B or other temporary accommodation at Christmas.

“In Milton Keynes it would seem around 200 children may not have their own roof over their heads in December.

“I just cannot imagine how depressing that is for families and the children.”

Earlier this year it was revealed Milton Keynes Council had the fourth worst record across England for the authority housing families with children in B&Bs for more than six weeks.

Mr Pakes, who is calling on more affordable housing to be built to help ease the problem, said: “It cannot be right for children to be in temporary accommodation.

“The fundamental problem is that not enough affordable homes are being built locally.

“The council should come clean and publish its own assessment of how many children will be staying in temporary accommodation this Xmas.

“I want Milton Keynes Council to do all it can to increase the number of new affordable homes being built locally.

“Only then can we end the curse of homelessness.

“Only then can we end the tragedy of children being homeless.”