Hundreds queue up for new computer game

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Hundreds of enthusiastic gamers queued up in and outside of stores across Milton Keynes to wait for the release of the most anticipated game of the year.

Grand Theft Auto V hit the shelves at midnight on Monday and more than 100 people were waiting in Tesco, Wolverton alone.

Queues began to form hours before the release as fans didn’t want to miss out on a copy of the game, but Tesco staff assured customers they had enough copies.

One of the very first to get his hands on GTA V was excited gamer David Reilly, 19, who said: “I’m so happy to finally be able to play this game – it’s been about five years in the making.

“The trailers and gameplay footage have all looked absolutely stunning.

“I’m going to take it home and play it straight away non-stop until the morning – there’s going to be a lot of caffeine needed I think.”