Hundreds support our MK Food Bank appeal

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THE city wide Big Little Give week was such a huge success that MK Food Bank is still counting all the donated items.

Hundreds of shoppers dropped off items of food in special trolleys at Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Morrisions and Budgens.

Other people organised their own collections at work, at school and even, like Loughton couple Paul and Mary Wain, among their neighbours.

The couple handed out 150 posters and put a collection dustbin outside their home. Within no time they had collected 200 items.

Churches held Lent lunches to help the appeal but one pensioner Pat Richardson went a step further – and raised £200 with her own sponsored fast. The city’s Dragonfly Cakery provided temptation by baking a special MK Food Bank cake to raffle for more cash.

This week delighted MK Food Bank volunteers are busy counting all the bounty. There is so much they have had to borrow office space at Linford Wood, thanks to Lance Haggith from Sports Traider.

Staff from John Lewis distribution offered their services for a day on Tuesday to help sort the items.

Organiser Sue Wall is “really hopeful” our target of collecting 50,000 items in seven days has been reached.

“The phone is really busy with many local businesses calling to ask us to collect the items they amassed last week. It’s wonderful,” she said.

Other people are planning to collect food during Sport Relief events this weekend.

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