‘I accept responsibility’: Vice-chairman resigns over Milton Keynes Council’s sexual offences scandal


The vice-chairman of a council committee that allowed a convicted rapist to work as a city taxi driver has accepted responsibility for his actions.

Councillor Gladstone McKenzie last week resigned over the sexual offences scandal that has rocked Milton Keynes Council - but he will stay on as a councillor representing Bletchley Park.

Councillor Gladstone McKenzie

Councillor Gladstone McKenzie

Mr McKenzie, who has so far refused to speak to the press, wrote a letter of resignation from his position on the licensing committee.

It said: “I believe that I made a serious error of judgement on making a decision for a taxi license to be retained by an individual who had committed a series of serious offences.

“I was part of a committee that reached that conclusion and accept responsibility for my part in that decision.

“I therefore feel I can no longer serve on that committee.”

On Friday it emerged the city’s mayor Subhan Shafiq personally recommended that a man convicted of four sexual offences including rape should become a taxi driver.

The mayor, who resigned from his post over the scandal, will remain a councillor - but unlike Mr McKenzie, he has declined to apologise.

Chairman of the licensing committee, Stuart Burke, also left his role over the issue.

Mr McKenzie added: “It is with deepest regret that I made this error after many years of service to community. I offer my sincerest and most heartfelt apologies.

“I hope to continue my many years of hard work and service to my community in the future.”