“I am not a homophobe” says Milton Keynes church minister

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The minister of a community church has denied she is homophobic after plans to preach at an anti-gay rally in Uganda.

The face of Rev Jacqui Green, from Stony Stratford Community Church, is used on worldwide publicity posters for Uganda’s National Prayer Day this month.

The 24-hour event is hosted by Bishop David Kiganda, who is part of the National Task Force Against Homosexuality.

Critics claim last year’s prayer day – also attended by the Reverend Green – was openly in favour of the country’s controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill – dubbed by the media as ‘Kill the Gays’.

Campaigners originally proposed a death sentence for anybody convicted of homosexuality. They are still demanding gay people could still face life imprisonment.

Their views have shocked people all over the world –but many hardcore Christians have given their backing.

The Rev Green confirmed she is travelling to Uganda to preach at the prayer day on December 31.

“I am NOT attending a homophobic ant-gay rally and have NEVER preached an anti-gay message, nor would I endorse any form of homophobic intolerance being preached,” she told the Citizen.

“My call in all I do in Uganda is to preach about Jesus and how knowing Him and experiencing His love brings us life and freedom.”

When pushed about the event’s link to the controversial Bishop Kiganda she said: “I am currently undertaking my own investigations in Uganda into things that have been said about Bp Kiganda which I have been previously unaware of. Until I have established the truth I am unable comment.”