I just got lucky, says poker ace grandad of 30

A grandad of 30 who is proud to be called an old bluffer is off to an international poker tournament in Vegas.

Pensioner Geoff Wing aced his way from a pub league to the national finals of a poker championship.

The former council worker plays poker every Sunday in his local pub, the Netherfield Tavern.

He is one of 100 people nationally who will be playing for a slice of £12,000 prize pool and £10,000 sponsorship deal in Vegas.

Organisers Redtooth Poker have already promised him the trip of a lifetime.

“I can’t wait,” said widower Geoff, who has 21 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. I don’t play for money – we only play for points in the pub. But it would be lovely to bring back some of the prize cash.”

Geoff, who is 72, worked for 18 years as a driver for a council-run home for dementia patients.

He has been playing poker for 20 years. But he insists his success is not all down to skill.

“My secret is I just got lucky. Sometimes it really is all about luck.”

Redtooth Poker spokesman Phil Hammond described Geoff and the rest of the Vegas 100 as “the best amateur poker players in the UK”.

He said: “All have done remarkably well to reach this stage, progressing through numerous local and regional tournaments before winning the national final.

“They fully deserve this once-in-a-lifetime trip to America.”