‘I’m all cured now’ says killer who slayed two people

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Vicious double killer Greg Davis has described how he believed he was a character in an evil game when he slaughtered his two victims.

In an email seen by the Citizen he insists a “severe psychotic delusion” caused him to kill his friends Dorothy Rogers and her son Michael in 2003.

He visited their Stantonbury home armed with a knife and hammer, frenziedly stabbed Dorothy 31 times then bludgeoned teenager Michael and cut open his body.

In the email written this month, Davis recalls: “I thought that nothing was real in the world expect me and that I had created the world as a game to test myself .

“I believed this information was emanating from a blue orb in the back of my head and I had to do what it was telling me.

“I was convinced through the delusion that I had to be the opposite sort of person to how I had always been in order to break out of the unreality of the world I though I was trapped in.

“Since in my life I had always been a law-abiding, polite and kind person up to that point, I was deluded into believing that I had to do terrible things like killing people.”

After serving seven years in mental hospitals for his crime, Davis, now a 35-year-old collector of luxury watches, is convinced he is cured.

He said he is allowed to live anywhere in the UK or EU and has a passport that allows him to travel freely.

“This is a testament to the fact that I am completely well now and will remain so, and that the authorities recognise this and the progress I have made.”

The email refers only briefly to his remorse. It states: “Of course the terrible acts I committed will never be healed for the victims’ families and I live with part of me destroyed by what I did.

“All I can do is try to live as good a life as possible and make a positive difference where I can.”

Davis served seven years in secure mental health units for his crime before he was released with conditions attached about his future conduct.

Earlier this year those conditions were waived and he was given an Absolute Discharge.