I’m no hero says man who saved footballer’s life after heart attack

Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor

A Sunday League footballer was brought back from the dead after suffering a heart attack during a match at the weekend.

The footballer, aged 31, had just finished playing in a pre-season friendly game when he began to complain of a tight chest and pins and needles in his arm.

He had just been substituted and was on his way to the changing rooms at the ground when he approached 60-year-old Peter Taylor, whose son Jack was also involved in the game.

“He started to walk towards us not looking very good,” said Mr Taylor.

“He asked my wife and I if we could take him to the hospital. It was very frightening.

“We walked towards the car and he collapsed before getting in.

“We considered waiting for an ambulance but decided to get him in the car. Thank god we did.

“I must have broke every speed limit going getting him to the hospital.

“They put him in the resuscitation room and tried to give him some pills. He dropped them. And that’s when he went.”

Worried that the player had died, Mr Taylor left the room while medical staff attempted to resuscitate him, which they did successfully, just as his wife arrived at the hospital.

Mr Taylor returned to the football club to let his team-mates know what happened.

“It would be great to see him again,” added Mr Taylor.

“I’m so pleased he pulled through. I thought he had gone. He certainly went for a while.

“It was lucky he saw us on his way to the changing rooms.

“People have thanked me for driving him to the hospital and say I’m a hero, but anyone would have done the same if they were there.”