I resign: ‘You are a bunch of idiots’

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A TOWN councillor who swore at colleagues and called them ‘a bunch of idiots’ has resigned.

Tony Mabbott’s outburst, which left a fellow councillor in floods of tears, came during a meeting of Bletchley and Fenny Town Council.

Bletchley and Fenny Town Council vice chairman Keith Ely

Bletchley and Fenny Town Council vice chairman Keith Ely

According to fellow councillors, The Bletchley First party member arrived more than half an hour late during a discussion about grants to local community groups.

Within minutes he had branded vice chairman Keith Ely, pictured left, ‘an idiot’.

Mr Ely, a former Milton Keynes Council officer with decades of local government experience, told the Citizen: “He told us we did not know what we were talking about. He was agitated and seemed aggressive.”

He said the former Labour member and city councillor then swore at a female town councillor, reducing her to tears.

At the end of the meeting Mr Mabbott stormed out with fellow Bletchley First member Paul Bowler and swore again, shouting: “You’re all a bunch of idiots.”

Mr Ely added: “I have been associated with local government for more than 30 years and this was the most appalling display of behaviour I have ever seen.”

Milton Keynes Labour Group is also horrified by the outburst. Speaking after the incident on Tuesday last week, spokesman Nigel Long said: “Councillor Mabbott has a long record of poor behaviour, including criminal assault.

“I do not believe he is a suitable person to be a councillor. It is not right and he should resign.

“We need people with high standards.”

And this week Mr Mabbott handed in his resignation, which was accepted by the town council. Elected just five months ago, he is also a member of the Green Party.

Mr Mabbott, despite repeated efforts by the Citizen to contact him, was unavailable for comment as this newspaper went to press.