I want to die with dignity: A man’s bid to end his life by selling autobiography

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A former self-confessed playboy is relying upon his self-published memoirs to raise enough money for him to end his own life at the Swiss Clinic Dignitas.

Roger Bailey, 65, has spent his life travelling, partying and making and losing three different fortunes.

Now, disabled and in constant pain, he is convinced it is time for him to die with dignity.

“I’m not prepared to accept the quality of life that my illness dictates. I want to go before the suffering gets too much,” he told the Citizen.

“Every day owners take their pets to the vet for them to be put out of their misery. Why should it be any different for someone like me, who is living a painful and unenviable life?

“If I was a cocker spaniel I would have been put down months ago, but because I am a man my decision brings outrage in some yet sympathy in others.”

Divorced for many years, Roger lives alone in a bungalow just outside Newport Pagnell.

He has stage 6 prostate cancer and has also been left with spinal nerve damage after an operation to remove a large tumour from his back last year.

“I am doubly incontinent, I have constant infections and I am finding it increasingly hard to walk. My biggest fear is that I will end up in a nursing home with people having to care for me each day,” he said.

Roger admits he is struggling to raise the necessary £20,000 to pay for the Dignitas assisted dying service, which includes two visits and assessments by doctors and psychiatrists.

Recently he published his autobiography called, If Only I Knew Then, with the sub-title ‘women, their part in my downfall’. On the back cover he informs readers the book will help pay for his own death.

“Sales have been OK, but not as good as I’d hoped,” he said.

Meanwhile Roger has informed his friends, relatives and his medical team of his intentions.

“I get mixed reactions. People are shocked at first but many of them are sympathetic when they understand why I am doing this,” he said.