‘I wish I had told Jimmy Savile to get his dirty hands off me’

Creepy times: Karen with 'Uncle Jimmy'.
Creepy times: Karen with 'Uncle Jimmy'.

A former domestic abuse victim who was related to Jimmy Savile by marriage has written an “inspirational” book of poems about her life.

Karen Davison is gifting all the proceeds of the book to Milton Keynes women’s refuge, where she lived for two years.

“I owe everything to the refuge. I was at the point of committing suicide before they took me in. They taught me how to have courage and respect myself,” said the 54-year-old.

Karen, who is disabled with multiple sclerosis, now lives happily on her own at Stacey Bushes.

“I suffered years of abuse by my partner. Though it was emotional abuse rather than physical, it still destroyed me.”

Once safely installed at the refuge, she found it therapeutic to write down her experiences in verse.

“It all came pouring out once I put pen to paper. I’d write about what happened to me then I’d listen to other women’s stories and write poems to help them.

“The book describes my journey and the way in which the workers at the refuge helped me change from a victim to an independent woman.”

Called With You By My Side, it will be published this year.

Said Karen: “I have gifted it to the women refuge and I don’t want a penny from it.

“If my book can help other women recover from the same experiences I went through then that will be my reward.”

Karen was once in a relationship with Jimmy Savile’s nephew and frequently met the then superstar.

“I always thought he was creepy and it made me cringe when he put his arm round me or asked me to sit on his lap,” she said.

“But in those days I didn’t have the strength to say no. Now I wish I’d been more assertive and told him to get his dirty hands off me!”

MK-ACT which runs the refuge at a secret location in Milton Keynes, has this week described Karen’s book as an inspiration to other abuse victims.

“She is a very talented lady and we are very grateful to have her book,” said a spokesman.

The money from it will be extremely useful and will enable us to assist other women in need of our services.”

Details of where the book can be purchased will be revealed later this year.