Ice rink says sorry for its Frozen fiasco


A Frozen sing-along at Planet Ice received a frosty reception from the audience - and prompted an apology from the ice rink.

The £7 a ticket show was slammed as a “joke” and “total disappointment” by parents who took their excited children to see it on Friday.

The event was billed as a live Frozen show by the Snowflake Sisters, followed by a chance for children to meet and greet the characters.

Instead Disney images were projected on to a makeshift TENT while two women sang “out of tune songs with the wrong lyrics,” said one mum.

“I arrived to see men building some sort of tower in the middle of the rink and draping two round pieces of fabric over it,” she said.

“They projected an image onto the poorly hung sheets ... People were leaving en masse with distraught children.”

A Planet Ice spokesman has apologised to customers.

“We have already put in place the necessary steps to ensure this does not happen again,” he said.