‘Idiots stole my family’s worthless Great War medals’


A grandmother has condemed the “idiots” who stole war medals from her home.

Thieves smashed their way into 59-year-old Elaine Christie’s home in Cornhill, Two Mile Ash, and swiped a safe containing two of her Navy grandfather’s inscribed World War One medals plus four World War Two medals, which belonged to her dad who fought in the army.

Mrs Christie was working as a healthcare assistant at Milton Keynes Hospital during the burglary, which happened between 6.40am and 4.20pm on July 28.

She said: “I’m up and down at the moment. Each day gets better but we have been very on edge since it happened.

“What is really frustrating is that the medals are only valued at about £12 each, so it’s worthless to them.

“They pieces of history and it would have been nice to have passed them onto my grandchildren. It’s very hurtful.

The safe also contained a British citizenship document belonging to her husband, Gladstone - who was born in Jamaica - with passports and death certificates.

Mrs Christie said: “I think our society is going down the toilet.

“I’d lay my life on it that the people who have done this are on drugs, and when you think what my father and grandfather had to suffer for these idiots.

“Everyone has choices in life and I think think these people are desensitised to emotion to be able to have stolen those medals.

“If you thought about it too deeply you could get really 
angry and lose perspective but I’ve just got to pick up the pieces and move on.”

Det Con Kathryn Combstock is appealing fo information about the whereabouts of these items.

She said: “The victims’ had previously been burgled and had taken steps to protect their property; however they have now lost items which were irreplaceable.

“I would also like to appeal to any collectors of similar items if they have been offered these items for sale.”

If you have any information about where the items could be contact Det Con Combstock on 101.

> A 41-year-old man from Newport Pagnell has been arrested on suspicion of burglary and was bailed until September 1.