Important message ahead of Breast Cancer Awareness month

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A city surgeon is urging women to keep regularly checking themsleves as the fight against breast cancer continues.

The latest figures from Breast Cancer Care show that more than eight out of 10 of sufferers survive breast cancer beyond five years, more than three quarters survive it beyond 10 years and almost two out of three survive it beyond 20 years!

But with the good news comes a warning – keep on checking, as early detection is still crucial to survival rates.

Consultant Breast Oncoplastic and General Surgeon Mr Kian Chin, who holds regular clinics at BMI Saxon Clinic in Milton Keynes, said: “There have been major breakthroughs in treatments over the last ten years regular but ‘self checks’ were still the most important weapon in the fight against the illness.”

“There is no right or wrong way to check your breasts but it is important to know your body so you can then recognise any subtle changes,” she said.

“Current guidelines state that you do not need to perform self-breast examinations at any set interval or in any prescribed manner as long as you do it regularly and thoroughly.

“You should know the signs of breast cancer and know what is normal for your body. It is important to remember to check your breasts and your armpits regularly and see your GP if you are worried.”

“The most important thing is not to be complacent. It is vitally important to remember that regardless of family history or genetic predisposition, everyone should be breast aware. It really is the most effective way of saving lives!”

Mr Chin added that women should also be sure they attend their NHS Breast Screening mammogram appointments which go out to all women once they reach 47.