Injured soldiers to visit Airkix

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On Thursday a team of injured ex-servicemen and members of Armed Forces Charity BLESMA will visit Airkix in Milton Keynes.

The group of six brave wounded soldiers will receive tuition in Sky Diving in the centre’s wind tunnel, as part of the Freefall Project. The project aims to coach injured service men or women through a combination of wind tunnel training and in air training, eventually enabling them to skydive solo.

The loss of a limb doesn’t necessary hinder a person’s ability to skydive or become as competent in the air as an able-bodied person. By giving these brave men and women the chance to become involved in this sport the project hopes to give them back a degree of the freedom that they enjoyed before being wounded whilst serving our country.

The long-term aim of the Freefall Project is to see the students take part in competitions throughout 2012 against able-bodied sky divers (The Armed Forces Parachute Championships and the UK National Skydiving Championships).

Jerome Church, General Secretary of BLESMA says, “Events of this nature are of great importance to the rehabilitation of our members as they place both physical and mental demands on the participants. We strive to prove that no challenge is beyond their capabilities following their horrific injuries.”

BLESMA has been helping serving and retired servicemen and women and their families for more than 75 years, with the aim of proving there really is life after amputation.