Inspirational Bahman encourages people to Go Outdoors

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A man who trekked the Great Wall of China just years after having multiple amputations due to Meningitis is aiming to raise as much awareness for the diseases as possible.

Bahman Jamalaldini, who had a new Go Outdoors store opening dedicated to him last week, is trying to inspire people by showing them they can still live life to the fullest, even with prosthetic limbs.

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Bahman, of Great Holm, has both legs amputated below the knee, his right hand above the wrist and all of the fingers and thumb on his left hand after he contracted meningococcal meningitis and septicaemia in 2010.

He was given less than 10 per cent chance of pulling through and was 20 hours away from death before he says Milton Keynes General Hospital saved his life.

He said: “They took my limbs but not my spirit. I can’t sit around and think look at what has happened, to think like that brings you down. The world doesn’t owe me anything

“It was an honour that they dedicated the opening of the store to me but the reason I went was to raise awareness of meningitis. I thought only children could get it.

“I have always been outgoing and active and regardless of any amputation you can learn to do things in a different way. You can still get out there and live your life.”

Bahman also said it was nice to meet Mayor of Milton Keynes, Councillor Catriona Morris on the day.

Jo Killick, community fundraising co-ordinator, at the Meningitis Trust said: “Bahman has been an inspiration to us all. He has faced new outdoor challenges and refused to be beaten in the face of disability. And he has raised more than £20,000 in the process. We’re grateful for his determination and we can’t think of a more worthy title holder.”

GO Outdoors superstore manager Dave Smith said: “We wanted to celebrate the achievements of a Buckinghamshire outdoor adventurer who would inspire others to enjoy the outdoors. For us, we wanted to reward someone who, on the face of it, you would never have thought of as an adventurer.

“Bahman has shown that whoever you are, and whatever your age - and even in the face of unforeseen personal challenges - the outdoors can offer so much.”