Inspire the next generation of readers as a Beanstalk volunteer


With almost one in eight children leaving primary school still struggling to read, a charity that is working to raise literacy standards is appealing for more volunteers from Milton Keynes.

Beanstalk is a national charity that recruits and trains volunteers to provide one-to-one literacy support to primary school children who are falling behind the expected reading level for their age.

They believe that by sharing dedicated reading time with a trusted adult on a weekly basis, a child can build their confidence around literacy.

Having worked with schools for almost 40 years, Beanstalk say research shows low standards of literacy leads to low employment prospects, disengagement and is closely linked with poverty, educational under-achievement, crime and long term unemployment.

So Beanstalk are appealing for volunteers to become a reading helper and work with three children, spending 30 minutes with each child twice a week to chat, read and play games.

Greg Yarnall, area manager, said: “As a charity that provide Volunteer Reading Support in schools we are constantly looking to grow our outreach, to enable as many young people to benefit as possible.

“We have already recruited around 15 volunteers from Milton Keynes, but we know there are lots more people out there that would be brilliant at supporting young children with their reading in schools.

“We currently have over five schools in Milton Keynes that have signed up with us that are waiting for volunteers to support their children so we encourage anyone that has been inspired by this article to get in touch with us.”

If you have a passion for reading and can give time to help inspire the next generation of readers, then get in touch.

Call on 01604 720969 or apply online straight away at