Interesting yarn for digital age

Modern Knitting event
Modern Knitting event

Because artist-videosmith Sam Meech was at Milton Keynes Central Library last month for two workshops which combined knitting, text and computers.

Anyone was welcome to attend the event, which explored the role of analogue technologies in a digital landscape as part of the The Digitalis Project which is promoting innovative art in the city.

Paul Sanders, assistant director of community facilities for Milton Keynes Council, said: “Sam Meech is an interesting artist who makes people look at knitting in a way they’d never have imagined before.”

Sam explained: “I usually work with video, and only came across a knitting machine for the first time last year, while filming the NEPHRA knitting group in North Manchester.

“I was struck by the parallels between punchcards and film reels, stitches and pixels, and began to relate to it in terms of digital imaging as much as textiles.”

Further to this, I was introduced to examples of other artists who had hacked electronic knitting machines and developed software tools in order to send them digital images. I have since outlined a series of experiments and works I will undertake over the next 6 months, including: