Intergalactic seminar in Milton Keynes


Ever wondered if there is life on other planets? Well now is your chance to learn more, by hearing from some of the UK’s leading space scientists.

As part of World Space Week leading researchers at The Open University (OU) will give a special free public lecture entitled ‘Is There Life Beyond Earth?’ at the university’s campus in Milton Keynes.

The event on October 7, from 7-8pm, will highlight OU researchers’ recent findings on the possibility of life on comets, moons and extrasolar planets.

Speakers will include Professor Ian Wright, who leads the OU’s 20-year involvement in the Rosetta mission – the world’s first attempt to land a spacecraft on a comet. Professor Wright will discuss the possible connection that life on Earth has with the materials they will look at with their sensors and detectors once the spacecraft lands.

Also appearing will be Professor David Rothery, who will look at whether the conditions necessary for life are likely to occur at or beneath the surfaces of the icy moons of giant planets such as Jupiter and Saturn, and Dr Carole Haswell, who will discuss her work revealing potentially habitable planets which offer the possibility for life in our Galaxy long after the Earth is swallowed by the Sun.

Professor Simon Kelley, the university’s associate dean for research, said: “The common thread that runs through OU research into space science, is our desire to understand the origin of matter and the composition of environments on other planet.

“If we understand this composition better, we will know more about the possibility of life flourishing on other planets.”

The event is free to attend and open to members of the public.

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