Interview: A moment with Ronan Keating

MPMC Ronan Keating 53616c7465645f5f923d1b13e0015db4
MPMC Ronan Keating 53616c7465645f5f923d1b13e0015db4

You wouldn’t necessarily put the image of Ronan Keating, the suave Irish singer-songwriter, together with that of cheery Postman Pat. But the vocalist has lent his talent to the much loved cartoon character when he tries to hold a tune in Postman Pat: The Movie.

With years of experience performing to adoring fans, Ronan Keating has certainly developed a stage presence. Having filled huge arenas as part of Boyzone and as a solo artist, Ronan’s latest performance sees him as Pat’s singing voice in Postman Pat: The Movie. With the 3D animation trying his luck auditioning for TV talent show ‘You’re the One’, the pop star found himself crooning in a different sort of recording studio.

“I loved it.” Ronan imparts with his characteristic soft spoken charm. “I really enjoyed the whole process. I had to match the way my voice works and my mouth moves and match the words so that was quite an interesting thing. It’s a new world for me and I really enjoyed it.”

It’s clear that Keating was taken in by the filming process, and he got on so well with the directors that they even gave him a cameo.

“Originally I wasn’t even in it!” he explains. “I was just the singing voice and then the director worked on putting me in it after we met and spent some time together. So that actually changed halfway through the whole thing, they added an extra part which is nice.”

With this his third film, the singer is becoming familiar with the acting trade.

“It’s been something I’ve been trying to do for what, 16 years and it has been a slog with a lot of rejection and that’s OK; because, you know, I’m a singer and it’d be hard for directors to put their faith in me – being a well known singer it’s hard to then be an actor and I understand that. So finding those directors with a belief in me was a breath of fresh air.”

That’s not to say the singer hasn’t kept himself busy over the past 16 years. Juggling a successful career as a solo artist and working earnestly with the breast cancer charity he founded, the Marie Keating foundation, it’s surprising Ronan’s found the time to champion Postman Pat’s journey to the big screen from the get go.

“To be honest I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long for it to be turned into a feature length film because it was such a legendary, iconic cartoon when we were kids. 30 years later to only now hit our big screens is kind of sad but exciting because my kids don’t really know Postman Pat. Hopefully the film will introduce him to them properly.”

That said, getting to the studio has been a journey in itself for Keating. The performer is currently based in Australia where he’s a judge on the Australian version of The X Factor.

“We’ve seen a lot (of talent competitions) in the UK with the last 15 years with Pop Idol, The X Factor, and you kind of feel that the talent has been exhausted. But in Australia it’s still very fresh.”

Strong words from a man with clear talent spotting skills. As despite spending his days sieving through a plethora of Australian talent, Ronan has picked himself a worthy contender with his Aussie girlfriend. What’s it like dating a girl who grew up halfway across the world?

“I guess when you meet someone from another country and have a close relationship you see life differently through them. Which is incredible – the food, the drink, the society, just the way they’ve grown up and stuff they are used to which is so different from the way you’ve been brought up. It’s good to learn about that and blend.”

Postman Pat: The Movie opened at cinemas on Friday, May 23.