Introduce your new four-legged friend to others during puppy hour in Woburn Sands

Puppy hour at Frosts in Woburn Sands
Puppy hour at Frosts in Woburn Sands

Puppy owners and their four legged friends are invited every Tuesday from October 21 to ‘Puppy Hour’ at the Woburn Sands Pets Corner store, at Frosts Garden Centre.

Between 9.30am and 10.30am, weekly, Pets Corner experts will be in store with tips and advice.

The hour, dedicated to all things puppy, also gives puppies and their owners the invaluable opportunity to socialise.

Collette Burston, store manager, said: “Puppy Hour was created as we often get new owners coming into our store with a long list of questions and queries about how best to look after their brand new canine family member.

“After all, it is a big responsibility. Having a designated hour each week, just for puppies and their owners, seemed the perfect answer.

“Local puppy owners can come along and speak to our various experts on everything from which bed to buy and which type of lead or harness to use, to what food to feed.

“Then, as all puppies will be together with their owners, they can socialise, play and enjoy plenty of puppy cuddles.”

Lucy Ross, head of training at Pets Corner said: “Socialisation is a key process a puppy must undergo to ensure it is happy and confident in its environment.

“We recommend that owners encourage puppies to be involved in pleasant social interactions including those with other animals.

“Careful exposure to different situations will also help, for example with traffic, crowds, travelling and household appliances.”

During Puppy Hour, any puppy owner accompanied by their four legged friend (puppies must be less than 12 months old) will be entitled to 10 per cent off all products purchased in store.