Is Movember giving you the needle?

Skin Graft Tattoo Newport Rd New Bradwell
Skin Graft Tattoo Newport Rd New Bradwell

CHAPS have been spending longer than usual in the bathroom this past few weeks.

But it’s not half as sinister as it sounds – they’ve been shaving and trimming, pointing and twiddling the hair on their top lips – no end of work goes into the perfect ‘tache.

We know, living with a Movember supporter!

Of course the Movember mission is a serious one: to change the face of men’s health, and raise vital funds and awareness, specifically of prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

In the new city, Mo Bros have been getting hairy, and finding other unusual ways of raising cash for the cause.

Mo Sistas have been supporting the boys too, with all kinds of cash inducing events.

And now girls can get a moustache of their own....thanks to New Bradwell Tattoo Parlour Skingraff.

Louis Goodwin, owner of the ink house, has just finished treatment for testicular cancer (see left), and wanted to do something to raise awareness of the disease.

Needles are his business, and inking his game, so Movember tattoos seemed the obvious thing.

“I have been taken aback by the number of customers getting the small moustache tattoos on their bodies,” he told GO!

“People are getting them on wrists, arms and fingers...all over the place.

“I am really keen to do my bit to help raise awareness, and came up with the idea of Movember 25th.”

This Sunday, any adult attending his Tattoo Studio will be rewarded with a moustache tattoo, and you won’t pay a penny for it!

“I want people to take notice of the symptoms and the signs and getting the word out is every bit as important as raising cash to fight the disease.

“Testicular and prostate symptoms are sometimes difficult for people to want to get checked out.

“Anything that helps to take away some of the embarrassment and bring the disease into the open is a good thing, and Skingraff is pleased to be able to support Movember.”

Skingraff will be going Mo-mad with free ‘tache tattoos this Sunday, between midday and 5pm.

Pop in and get inked for the cause.