Is there a Point with city landmark?

The Point CMK
The Point CMK

ONCE a beacon of the new city, now people will be wondering what’s The Point?

For years the iconic red pyramid stood over Milton Keynes lighting the way home for thousands of people and capturing the imagination of many more.

Now it seems the lights have gone out on one of our more famous structures as it lies untouched, unloved and underwhelming.

I have grown up in this city, and over the last 26 years have seen it grow into what it is today, a thriving, vibrant city with bags of character, despite people’s claims it is just concrete cows and roundabouts.

I remember when I was much younger and my parents and I would travel out of the city. As soon as I saw The Point lit up I would know that I was home, or nearly there anyway.

Now, even if the lights still shone brightly they would be masked by bigger sights including Midsummer Place and Xscape.

People may argue that they have taken away some of the majesty of The Point and and though there may be some truth in that they have also helped to add to the draw of Milton Keynes for those visiting us.

As previously mentioned I spent many a happy weekend as a child visiting the city centre and quite often would take in a movie. However, there weren’t many times I actually visited The Point itself and the attractions inside.

It was straight to the cinema and then off to the city centre, usually to buy the latest chart song, on tape.

They say everything has its place and time. Now The Point has had its time.

It has been subject to numerous attempts to revive, repaint and remind people of what a great attraction it was and all seem to have failed.

Numerous businesses have also come and gone including the addition of a bright orange easyCinema not so long ago.

All these attempts have ended in failure. Now we have the chance to start again with a new building in a prime location, that can help to attract more people to the city, bringing in more money and more employment.

I can understand those who feel the building is part of the city’s heritage, those who want to preserve history. But unfortunately times change.

The Point was a great attraction back in the day but if a building is sitting virtually unused, sliding deeper and deeper into disrepair then surely the time has come to get rid of it and start again.

If people are proud of the city then presumably they don’t want visitors taking away an image of a giant eyesore.

The Point was created in the mid 80s to attract and entertain.

Now, more than 30 years on it is no longer doing what it was created for.

It is the time for people to ask: What is The Point anymore?