It don’t matter if you’re black and white ...

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In a world of 3D, HD and LCD, there are still 31 black and white TV licences being issued in Milton Keynes.

Despite the historic switch to digital television last year, and an increase in the sale of flat screen TVs tablets, laptops and smart-phones over the Christmas period, some homes in the UK just cannot bear to part with their trusty black and white television sets.

Across the UK, more than 13,000 homes still apply for a black and white licence, costing £49.

Victoria Sykes, spokesperson for TV Licensing in London and the South East, said: “It’s remarkable that with the digital switchover complete, 41 per cent of UK households owning HDTVs and Britons leading the world in accessing TV content over the internet more than 13,000 households still watch their favourite programmes on a black and white telly.”

In London, 2,715 black and white licences were issued last year – the most in the south east. Luton is in second place with 76 black and white licences.