‘It has made a big difference to our lives’: Disabled council tenants rejoice at new bungalows

Celebrations at the opening of new bungalows on St Georges Road, West Bletchley
Celebrations at the opening of new bungalows on St Georges Road, West Bletchley

Disabled council tenants are celebrating moving into their new Bletchley bungalows, which have been designed to help them live independently.

Three redundant garage sites in West Bletchley are being transformed into 13 bungalows - and on Tuesday, the first batch of four on St George’s Road were unveiled.

At the official opening, new tenants Richard and Andrea Chilvers said how delighted they were to be moving in.

“It has made such a big difference to our everyday lives already,” said Andrea,

“Robert has regained his independence and is able to move about on his own.

“He’s been in the garden watering flowers, something he loves to do but hasn’t been able to for a long time.”

Building work is continuing on the other two sites in Neath Crescent and Whiteley Crescent, with plans for new tenants to move in later this year.

Councillor Hannah O’Neill, cabinet member for Housing and Regeneration says it proved the council’s commitment to build more homes.

She said: “We firmly believe every citizen has the right to a suitable, accessible and affordable home.

“These four bungalows do that.”

It follows last September’s opening of similar bungalows at Briar Hill, Stacey Bushes, which were the first new council homes to be built in the since the mid-nineties.

Councillor Edith Bald said: “I am delighted to see the fruits of the council house building programme set up 2 years ago by the Conservatives.

“These particular bungalows in Bletchley for young people with disabilities are especially welcome and I look forward to the remaining eight being available asap.”