“It’s a book about humanism...”

Future Queens of England book jacket
Future Queens of England book jacket

WHILE his wife was out teaching, Ryan Matthews pushed the television remote aside, and instead put pen to paper.

The fruits of his labours are now available, and Future Queens of England is doing nicely.

When Tony Horwood is sentenced for a hate crime, the judge waives prison in preference of an elite finishing school for homosexuals in the hope that Tony will empathise with his classmates and begin to accept them.

Turn the pages and accompany Tony on his journey through subjects including fashion and dance, see him forge unlikely friendships and even fall in love...

Ryan mentions The Carry on Films and accompanying attitudes where the gay person was always looked on as a figure of gentle fun.

Not in this book.

“The straight people are dealt with more comically and the gay people are more serious and straight,” he elaborates.

But this is not simply a read about sexual orientation: “It’s a book about humanism, rather than people being gay, straight, lesbian or whatever.

“I was interested in divisions in general,” explains Ryan, whose day job is network designing.

“Everyone who has read it says ‘It isn’t the sort of book I’d normally read’, but say how much they enjoyed it.”

If we ask the its author to sum up Future Queens of England, it is “an accessible,laugh out loud comedy, laced with mystery and romance.”

‘It’s not a romcom. It’s not a Harry Potter rip off. It’s a flat out funny comedy that doesn’t disappoint.

If you’re looking for something different then you can’t go wrong with this,’ one of the many positive reviews of the book on shopping site Amazon suggests.

Indeed, the book recently rose to 11th position in the Kindle chart, which is pretty sweet.

Isn’t it time you took a peek inside?

Future Queens of England is perfect for anyone aged 16 years and over...that little mite having a nosey on the right, is very much the exception!

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