It’s a small world for miniature artists

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WITH the most depressing day of the year out of the way a city scale model club is looking to kick start 2011 with their ModelKraft event.

On Sunday, February 6 thousands of pieces of art, some as small as a 5p coin, will be showcased by members of the Milton Keynes Scale Model Club at Stantonbury Leisure Centre between 10am and 4pm.

Aircrafts of all periods from the birth of aviation to science fiction, cars of all types, tanks and battle re-enactments, ships of every era and much more will be on display.

The club is one of the UK’s premier model clubs with members of all abilities sharing the goal of fostering the hobby of model making, trying to encourage people to take up the hobby, or perhaps return to a past-time they may have enjoyed as a child.

Former chairman and current club member, Derek Barrett, said: “The members encompass all skill levels, from absolute beginners trying out a new hobby up to skilled modellers who are regular Medal winners at some of Europe’s top model competitions.

“Many of the more skilled modellers may take over a year in construction, painting and finishing. While most of the models are based on commercially available kits, there is a plethora of after market accessories available and many will also add home made additions or even build an entire model from scratch.”

This is the 10th year that the club has staged ModelKraft and each year it has grown in size and popularity with close on 100 confirmed model clubs and traders booked in. This year they are filling all three floors of the leisure centre as well as the second hall.

For more about the club and the show visit or email timupsonsmith