It’s au revoir to white witch Dot

DotGriffiths'Dot Griffiths, white witch, Stantonbury'''MPMC WK12 M11
DotGriffiths'Dot Griffiths, white witch, Stantonbury'''MPMC WK12 M11

AS the city mourns the death of much-loved White Witch Dot Griffiths, the Citizen can pass on a message, posthumously, from the colourful character herself.

For Dot, alias Madam Morgana, would like you all to know that she is NOT dead at all.

In her words, she has ‘passed over’. And, she says, as you read this she is skipping along in the Land of Eternal Summers, reunited with her husband and soulmate Reg, alias Merlin of Avalon.

From there, the popular Stantonbury parish councillor and mum of seven is convinced she will be reincarnated back onto earth to follow her white witchcraft beliefs and help mankind.

“Watch this bubbling pot – there’s a lot coming,” she told the Citizen in an interview earlier this year when she discussed dying.

“It won’t be goodbye. It will be au revoir,” she said.

Officially Dot should have died last year after a spell of sickness so severe that doctors gave her just three hours to live. She had stage 3 Endometrial cancer and it was incurable.

But the 74-year-old great gran, who had been making magic and practising paganism for decades, told them: “I haven’t got time to die yet. As they say, this lady’s not for burning...”

Dot promptly launched herself into a frenzy of work from her Stantonbury home, known as Dragon’s Lair.

She organised psychic fayres all over the country through the spring and summer and printed out thousands of flyers.

During quiet times she worked on spells for the good of the nation.

“The world is in such a mess at the moment that it’s really busy on the spells front,” she told the Citizen in March.

Dot was equally invincible when parish council chairman Reg, her husband of 25 years, died four years ago.

“It will take more than death to separate us. I know Reg will be back, sending me messages and waving to me across the room,” she said at the time.

On Sunday Dot gave up her own fight for earthly life.

Hundreds of fans, friends and followers are expected at her funeral, to be held on Friday September 9 at Crownhill Crematorium at 3.30pm.

“She will be terribly missed,” said her daughter Sharon Walker. “She always had time for people and was loved by absolutely everybody, no matter what colour, creed, religion or age.”