“It’s been a Dave Grohl love-in...”

Exit Ten
Exit Ten

AFTER some highs (a warmly received debut album, tours with Deftones and burgeoning fanbase) and lows (the liquidation of their distribution company Pinnacle put the brakes on their ascention) Exit Ten returned to the fray with album number two, late in 2011.

Kerrang! Magazine decided the opus was ‘toweringly anthemic and simply riveting.’

And you can hear how for yourselves tomorrow night when the band stops off at the Craufurd Arms in Wolverton as part of its current UK tour.

Tickets will be £8 on the doors from 7.30pm, and support is coming from The Elijah and Canvas.

Exit Ten drummer Chris Steele tackled our Cue and Play questions...

Tell us about the first record you bought...

I distinctly remember buying Bleach by Nirvana in WHSmith many moons ago, in the sale. It’s still one of my favourites

An album you can’t live without and why

Tough one. I think I’ll go for Foo Fighters’ The Colour and The Shape as Dave Grohl is my hero and that album is still amazing

Most embarrassing record in your collection

I’ve got some pretty bad Nu-metal hanging around – Downthesun and Ill Nino are two I’m not overly proud of

Your favourite cheesy disc

It is cheesy, but it’s also awesome – Kiss From a Rose by Seal. Love it!

An album you wish you’d bought, but didn’t

I always try to buy as much as I can.

I’m not really one for downloading, but I can’t get Silverchair’s Diorama anywhere at the moment and that’s frustrating!

What about your favourite artist of all time? What’s the attraction?

Dave Grohl – he got me into the drums and hard music and is the biggest reason I play in a band.

I’d say I’m not in love with everything the Foo’s do, but he is my hero.

As bands go, I’d say Tool are right up there. They ooze class in everything they do and are phenomenal live

If we could grant you a wish to meet one musican or band, who would it be and why?

Again, it has to be Dave Grohl. I’d just want to shake his hand and hang out.

Name a song that never fails to pick you up

Elbow, The Bones of You is very uplifting and I can’t help but sing along as loud as I can every time

And one that chills you out...

Teardrop by Massive Attack. It doesn’t get any more chilled than that

What was the first gig you attended

Reef at my local leisure centre, I think I was about 12.

I remember being squashed and thinking ‘I’ve never heard anything as loud in my life’. It was great.

Tell us about your favourite record shop, or online store, and the attraction

I don’t really shop online.

I love the buzz of going into your local HMV or whatever, and buying a new CD.

The purchase, the anticipation, checking out the artwork etc.

I’m a bit of a purist that way

You can step into the shoes of your musical idol for 24 hours.

Who do you choose?

It’s been a Dave Grohl love-in so far, so I’m going to pick one of my favourite drummers, Thomas Haake, from Meshuggah. I’d sit at the kit and try to work out just how the hell I can be so awesome and how I do it!

Is there a new or undiscovered talent we need to hear? Spill the beans...

Fei Comodo deserve more recognition.

We just finished a tour with them.

They are such great guys, and their material is very promising.

You can banish one artist to the bargian bin. Who do you choose?

There’s a few. I’d say Asking Alexandria and all those awful ‘beatdowns but with synthy singy bits and a load of other stuff that doesn’t quite work but we get away with it coz we have long hair and pull stupid moves’ bands.