It’s Blackadder, darling

MKTOC Blackadder
MKTOC Blackadder

MILTON Keynes Theatre of Comedy prepare to bring the laughs again, with their delivery of classic smiler TV smash, Blackadder the Third.

MKToC don’t cut corners, and their performances are terrific – full marks for the press shots too, wouldn’t you say?

Take a stupid Prince George, a scheming butler, an incompetent and turnip obsessed dogsbody, Mrs Miggins and her pie shop and, of course, several cunning plans!

And then, as the plot unravels, don’t forget to swoon at Baldrick’s trousers...seriously!

It’ll be a cracking performance from a cracking bunch of players.

Don’t debate, just take a ticket and enjoy.

Performances run from Tuesday to Saturday evening, 7.30pm at the Chrysalis Theatre, Camphill, Willen.

To book tickets call 0845 241 0967 or visit