It’s end of the Universe, so do you fancy a pint?

Whose round is it?
Whose round is it?
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MK Gallery opens its new exhibition this evening, and city residents are being asked to contribute to MK2morrow: One Small Step for Milton Keynes.

The show, conceived by Leeds-based Black Dogs has been inspired by the recent discovery by astronomers of the Gliese 581 g, a new inhabitable planet outside our solar system.

Black Dogs suggest that our sparkly modery city should be first in line when setting up camp on this bigger, better Earth...

The three themed rooms will be split into The Pub at the End of the Universe, Massive Tiny Space Colony and The MK2 Survival Kit.

But how do you get to leave your own mark on the show?

You have three options.

Submit a story, anecdote, myth or fact related to the city – it’s your chance to rewrite history.

Or contribute a ‘how to’ card for the MK2 Survival Kit that will be used as a reference guide, or if you are a bit of a cardboard architect, build a simple model for the Massive Tiny Space Colony installation that will feature in the exhibition, which runs through to January 2.

Futuristic, thought-provoking fun for everyone.

>MK Gallery is also hosting a Family Evening tomorrow night, between 5 and 7.30pm.

The informal event will feature stars, planets and space with a Christmassy twist, and plenty of other attractions.

Nibbles will be provided and the shop will be open for seasonal purchases.