It’s Jailhouse Rock for illegal immigrant Elvis in Milton Keynes

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An illegal immigrant called Elvis is to be deported for the THIRD time because of his burning love for Milton Keynes.

The 21 year old from Albania has also been ordered to spend six months in prison for entering the UK with false documents.

Judge Francis Sheridan told Elvis Halilaj he “had no right to be here” and warned him he would be sent to prison for two years if he tried again.

Elvis, described by friends as a “man of good character”, wore a look of despair in court.

He spoke only to admit to the two charges of entering the country illegally and, earlier this year, producing ID documents he knew to be falsified.

The court heard he was in a car that police pulled over in Milton Keynes for speeding.

When asked for ID, he produced a document claiming he was an Italian called Ricardo Giamini.

But the cops with suspicious minds carried out checks and found his documentation to be false.

Prosecutor Mark Nicholls said Elvis had already been deported on two previous occasions over the past three years.

The court heard he now claims he has learned his lesson this time around.

Judge Sheridan told Elvis he would serve six months in prison, a minimal sentence on the basis that he was being sent home.

He said: “You are travelling on false documents... This is now your third go.

“Do not be surprised that, if you come back illegally, the minimum sentence will be two years.”

Elvis Halilaj was just 18 when he first entered the UK illegally in December 2014. He was returned to Albania and told not to come 

Less than two years later, in April 2016, Elvis popped up again. Once more it was discovered he had used false documents to get here.

Elvis thought it would be third time lucky when he entered the UK illegally again between March 3 and April 6 this year.