It’s parliamentary praise for Citizen

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The Citizen was praised in the House of Commons as a shining example of good, sympathetic journalism this week.

MPs and ministers were told the Citizen’s reporting of transgender issues within the community were “well written and supportive”.

The government had organised a special meeting to discuss newspapers’ attitudes towards transgender people following the tragic death of Lucy Meadows last month.

Lucy, a Lancashire schoolteacher, announced she was beginning gender correction from man to woman earlier this year.

She was pestered by a national newspaper and last month committed suicide, blaming them for her death.

Speaking at the government transgender meeting was Delia Johnston, who had gender correction surgery a few weeks ago.

Delia was a huge hit as London Olympic employee and has since become a national diversity spokesperson, working frequently for the Football Association.

She told MPs how the Citizen covered the story of her Olympic selection accurately and sensitively.

But the Daily Mail later lifted the same story but “twisted” it by mis-gendering and wrongly labelling her, she said.

This was not the first time the Citizen’s diversity policy has won praise.

Last year’s Leveson enquiry also viewed our transgender articles as a good example of reporting, compared to more “sensationalist” stories in the national press.