It takes two to Tango...

Flavia & Vincent
Flavia & Vincent

OVER the course of a year, plenty of actors and dancers stage-step at MK Theatre, writes Sammy Jones.

Hardly any boast the sensational, svelte figure of Strictly Come Dancing star Flavia Cacace.

Hers really is the body perfect, and her footwork is decidedly fabulous too.

Next week, she returns to the MK stage with her dance partner Vincent Simone in Midnight Tango, which dazzled here last year.

Just don’t expect total repetition: “That last tour was a huge success, but you’ve always got to up your game, and most people see the difference in the choreography,” she told me.

“We have an in-house director now, who follows us and watches almost every show. If anything isn’t quite sharp enough we work to make it tighter and stronger.”

Recently, the production enjoyed a 10 week stay in London’s West End – at the Aldwych Theatre, to dazzling response. Another coup when you consider new dance shows seldom get staged in the theatrical haven.

“Physically, it is very demanding,” Flavia admits. “But the repetition is mentally hard.

“When you are performing, your mind is able to think about other things – what you might be having for dinner, for example, and you’ve got to keep focused, but you snap back into it and we love every show we do.

“It’s just that the moves are so built into our muscle...”

And does this duo of delight ever suffer an onstage wobble or two? “Thing do happen with props and effects sometimes, but we know each other’s body weights, and know when something is off and how to correct it,” says Flavia.

And they have had an 18 year working relationship to be able to master the art.

When not touring, Flavia and Vincent are found on the small screen, watched by millions in the annual BBC dance feast Strictly Come Dancing.

Last year, Flavia was partnered with Russell Grant, but if organisers hoped Russell would prove 2011’s ‘John Sergeant’, they were a little off target.

Yep, Russell was the comical character, but he proved the critics wrong and had plenty of rhythm...

“He loved every second of it and was an absolute star, and I enjoyed every second of it too.

“The show totally changed his life. “He was so eager to learn, and he had rhythm and could dance. “We didn’t have the pressure to win the show, and that’s why it was my favourite year.

“I could put forward ideas that I couldn’t have done with the others and was able to be as extravagant as I wanted.

“I think it will be hard to better that this season.”

A firm friendship has been forged too: “We are very much in touch, and I think he will be a friend for life.

“I’ve got some projects in mind with Russell too, for people who want to exercise in their own home.” Russell famously shed 11 stone before Strictly, and dropped more during the show.

“Now, he’s working constantly and is as fit as a fiddle – which is proof anyone can change their life drastically.”

As someone who looks like a drunk duck in stilettos, the art of movement in a cute little heel always wows me. How do you do it?

“You start with little Cuban heels at first,” she laughs, “...and carry on from there. Now I dance in four inch heels which are actually quite big, but your feet get used to them and actually, they end up being a help as opposed to a hindrance....although your feet suffer as a dancer - we are always having pedicures!”

And what is so special about the Tango in particular? “I love the music, I’m drawn to it. It’s creative, it tells a story and we really feel it...”

Take a seat and swap the heart of the new city for a late night bar in Buenos Aires, and some mesmerising moves.

Let the weather do its worst, this show will still be hot to the touch!

Midnight Tango is at MK Theatre from Tuesday, to Saturday, July 14.

Call for tickets on 0844 871 7652.