‘It was a stinky situation’

Eugene Leggett
Eugene Leggett

A navy veteran feared he would be left out in the cold this Christmas after pensioners kicked up a stink over his personal hygiene.

Eugene Leggett told the Citizen he was devastated to be told he “smells” by a manager at Age UK’s weekly lunch club in Peartree Bridge.

“I was livid and dumbfounded,” said Eugene.

“I was in the navy for 38 years and flew around the world 10 times –no one has ever told me that I smell.”

The infuriated pensioner of Stantonbury told staff he would leave the lunch club immediately if they wanted him to. But moments after being told about the “stinky” problem, staff discovered the odour was in fact emanating from an old coat.

Paul Griffiths, of Age UK, said: “He took exception to being told he smelled.

“It was a very difficult situation, but it was handled very sympathetically to cause as little embarrassment as possible.”

Eugene bought a new coat and is still visiting the lunch club for a meal every Wednesday to play games with the other visitors. He even sent the manager a Christmas card. Paul added: “All is well again.”