It would be madness to miss this delivery

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AN epic production of one of Alan Bennett’s most acclaimed pieces of work comes to MK Theatre this week.

The Madness of George III stars David Haig, giving what many assure is the performance of a lifetime as the troubled King.

A cast of 24 – which also numbers Clive Francis, Beatie Edney and Madhav Sharma will deliver the work to you, with drama, politics and humour swirled into a vivid theatrical portrait of English history.

Christopher Lunscombe is directing, the fifth time he has taken charge of a Bennett piece.

“...this is undoubtedly the biggest play I’ve ever done – a real epic,” he said.

“We’ve got a cast of 24, and the action takes in several royal palaces, Windsor Castle and St Paul’s Cathedral.”

“It’s rare to work on a text that’s wildly funny and heartbreaking all at once, and I’m fortunate to have a leading man, David Haig, who is one of our most versatile and skilful actors.”

During his reign, George III fathered 15 children, founded the Royal Academy of Arts, Great Britain and Ireland became the United

Kingdom and Britain lost its amazing colonies.

But despite those major milestones, he is still best-remembered for his bouts of lunacy when it appeared the future of the monarchy could be in doubt...

The Madness of George III begins on Monday, with performances carrying through nightly to Saturday, October 29.

Tickets £14 to £24.

Call for yours on 0844 871 7652.