Jailed for rape of 84-year-old

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The daughter of an 84-year-old woman raped by a young cocaine addict has slammed his 15-year jail sentence as too short.

Depraved Daniel Smith, from Great Holm, climbed through the bedroom window of the frail pensioner’s home and asked if she wanted to have sex.

When the victim refused, 23-year-old Smith replied: “Well, I’m going to force you,” Oxford Crown Court heard.

The woman, who suffers from dementia, pressed an alarm round her neck for help.

Her daughter arrived shortly after the rape just in time to see Smith leaving – complete with her mum’s jewellery and mobile phone,

She said after this week’s sentencing: “He deserves what he got though it should have been life because we feel like we have been given a life sentence.

“I have to look at my mum and, although she doesn’t remember it as far as we can see, she’s always suspicious of people.

“What he did was horrific. It was my worst nightmare come true.”

The daughter, who was talking to the Oxford Mail, said her mother never returned home after the attack, which happened in Oxford. She now lives in a care home.

Judge Patrick Eccles told Smith he had committed a “vile and despicable crime”.

The court heard how he was a prolific offender with 30 previous convictions, including three domestic burglaries.

On the night of the rape he had taken a mixture of crack cocaine, heroin and alcohol and did not remember the crime.

His defence team said he was horrified at what occurred and regrets the way he behaved.

Smith was ordered to pay a victims’ surcharge of just £120.

He pleaded guilty to rape and also stealing his victim’s possessions.

Now he will spend at least 11 years in prison and must sign on the sex offenders’ register for the rest of his life.

Milton Keynes police, who arrested Smith using the daughter’s description, DNA evidence and fingerprints, described the offence as “unimaginable.”

Investigating officer Inspector John Linsdell said: “The matter is particularly grave due to the victim’s extreme vulnerability.

“His (Smith’s) actions have had an appalling effect on the victim and her family.

“Despite this they have shown enormous composure, strength and dignity throughout the proceedings.

“Smith was swiftly apprehended due to the dedicated team work of crime scene investigators, city uniformed patrol officers, CID and their supporting departments.

Inspector Linsdell added: “The sentence of the court is welcomed and reflects the appalling nature of the offences concerned.”