Jailed over love triangle attack

Jimmy Lawrence
Jimmy Lawrence

A JEALOUS ‘love triangle’ boyfriend has been jailed for eight years for a brutal baseball bat attack.

Bodybuilder Jimmy Lawrence smashed trainee architect Will Green repeatedly over the head after his girlfriend said she slept with him.

But the woman had lied, and the relationship was nothing more than an office flirtation, Mr Green told Amersham Crown Court.

Mr Green was left lying in a pool of blood and airlifted to hospital, where he needed 26 stitches.

The attack affected him so badly that he moved from Milton Keynes immediately afterwards and is now about to emigrate to Australia.

“I’ll feel safer there. Everywhere I go here I find myself looking over my shoulder,” he told the Citizen after the case.

Will was a trainee urban designer at a city architects’ practice when a pretty fellow trainee caught his eye.

“I found out she had a boyfriend, Jimmy Lawrence, so there was never a relationship. I admit there was a bit of flirting in the office but that’s all it was – a harmless flirtation,” he said.

But unbeknown to Mr Green the girl had made a false confession to Lawrence after he hounded her about being unfaithful.

He said: “I think she did it partly to shut him up and partly for revenge because she thought he had been unfaithful, to her. I was innocent, yet I was drawn unwittingly into this horrible love triangle situation.”

On June 24 last year Mr Green was walking through Fishermead to work when Lawrence pounced from behind.

“I felt a massive blow to the back of my head and the next thing I knew I was face down in a pool of blood,” he said.

“The attacker was shouting at me saying: ‘This is what you get for sleeping with my girlfriend’ and he just kept on bashing me around the head.

“I put my arm up to try to protect myself but I really thought he would kill me.”

Lawrence, of Somerset Walk, Broughton, pleaded not guilty to wounding with intent and causing actual bodily harm.

Mr Green gave his evidence from behind courtroom screens because he was so scared of facing Lawrence, who worked as a market trader, in the dock.

“I was relieved when he was sentenced to eight years. Perhaps I can start feeling safe again now,” he said.

Detective Constable Jenny O’Neil, of MK CID, said: “I am very pleased with the sentence that has been given to Jimmy Lawrence for this incident.

“The attack was simply motivated by jealousy. I hope that this sentence provides the victim with some closure and allows him to get on with his life.”