Jason’s ‘freaky tricep and genuine smile’ led to success

Bodybuilder Jason Wright: A 'natural' winner
Bodybuilder Jason Wright: A 'natural' winner

A Woburn Sands resident has scooped a regional natural bodybuilding competition.

Jason Wright - a member of Beaumonts Health Club at Oakgrove and Bletchley Leisure Centres - won the novice lightweight section of the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation Central Championships.

The competition is dedicated to drug free ‘natural’ bodybuilding and is judged on symmetry, eight compulsory poses and a 60 second routine to music.

“As this was my first natural bodybuilding competition, I really did not know what to expect and I certainly did not think I would win.

“I was overwhelmed when I was called in first place,” said Jason, 28.

“I really enjoyed all the preparation leading up to the contest and it goes to show what can be achieved with hard work, dedication and focus.”

Jason, who passed his second black belt in karate while aged 16, is now planning to enter more competitions next year.

Event judges praised his ‘good set of calves, a freaky tricep, good stage presence and a genuine smile.’

“This was a competitive class but Jason exuded the confident that showed he was every bit a winner,” they said,