Jelly, chopsticks, and a dash of Guinness...


WOBBLY fun was had by all at Gulliver’s Land with an attempt to break the world record for eating jelly using only chopsticks.

Visitors flocked to the park on Thursday to see if sweet-toothed volunteers could make history by downing more than 610 grams (11b 5oz) of orange-flavoured jelly in just 60 seconds.

Sadly the theme park did not break the record, though winner Mark Godley managed to wolf down 240 grams in his allotted minute.

The world champion chopstick jelly eater is Ashrita Furman, who lives in New York.

Instead of getting his name in the famous Guinness World Records book, Mark won a family ticket to return to Gulliver’s Land.

A park spokesman said: “We made all the necessary arrangements to authenticate each attempt according to the rules and guidelines of Guinness World Records.

“It was an exciting afternoon and lots of fun.”