Jobs, education and cuts on the agenda for Ed Balls

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THE Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer was in Milton Keynes yesterday to find out what the Labour Party can do to get back into power.

Ed Balls MP, pictured left, spoke to people at the Church of Christ the Cornerstone as part of the ‘New Politics, Fresh Ideas’ campaign – the biggest review of Labour party policy for 20 years. He said: “People in MK are worried about their jobs and whether they will be made redundant, the price of housing, and whether they can afford to send their children to university.

“That’s all about how George Osborne runs the economy, and I do think he needs to look again at what he’s doing. I think the scale of the local government cuts is too great and too fast.

“And it won’t be wasteful public jobs, these will be librarians and support staff in schools. I’m fearful about what it will do to the fabric of our society.”