John Taylor: Wrestling partners

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Herbie could hardly believe his little doggy eyes. For there on the telly was his old wrestling pal Tanya, from the Mucky Pups grooming salon in Fenny.

Yes, there on ‘Ronnie’s Animal Crackers’ she was doing something quite bizarre to a poodle, and Herbie was getting very concerned.

Despite being a regular it’s always a tussle getting Herbie on to the grooming table, although the staff did manage a decisive win at the last bout by two falls and a submission.

And, of course, all the action can now be viewed live via the innovative Mucky Pups web link.

And on the subject of televised wrestling, during the 1970s essential Saturday afternoon viewing was the contests between such household names as Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks and Kendo Nagasaki.

In fact our region can even claim an association with some of this elite, for from managing a pub in Hitchin no less, than Terry Rudge came as landlord to the Cross Keys at Woolstone; “I’m looking at retirement from the ring, and it was one of the few jobs I thought I could do.”

Readers may also remember Kincaids, formerly the Bletchley Arms. Johnny Kincaid was the landlord, and the pub had just undergone a complete and expensive refurbishment.

Johnny was determined to maintain the standards and when the first customer stubbed out a cigarette on the newly laid carpet he was smartly told to either leave, or inspect the damage from floor level. He wisely left.

Another wrestler from the televised era was Gorgeous George. And, on the subject of glamour, at Mucky Pups Tanya also specialises in colour tints for pooches.

However, Herbie and his mates think that’s really cissy. They’re more into tattoos and body piercings.